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 Post subject: What to expect on your first track day
 Post Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:21 am 
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Help the newbies!

Experienced trackwhores post up your experiences, ideas and suggestions.


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 Post subject: Re: What to expect on your first track day
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:09 pm 
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I would say 9 out of 10 people become addicted to the track

At first its very over whelming, your nervous going there your nervous about passing tech inspection. There are 100 other people at the track all getting ready for the day.

You arive and get unloaded, grab your bike and gear and head up to registration and tech. At registration they ask for a form of idea and your waiver (they have them there if you forget yours). You get your sticker of what group your in and you head off to tech.

You get to tech someone will come over and look over the bike and prob ask you a few questions (ie when did you last change the oil, is this your first time...etc) just answer the question and if everything is good they give you a tech sticker and head off back to your pit. If not just fix what needs done and go back up and get your tech sticker.

Usually around 8:15 a riders meeting is mandatory....GO TO THE MEETING..... its how you will find out whats going on. They will go over track conditions, the order of how the groups will run, what time lunch break is, and everything else you will want to know. If your in the beginners group they usually hold you back a little longer and give you some instruction.

They will go over the flags, what to do if a yellow flag is out what to do if a red flag comes out. Usually the track marshall will talk to you also and tell you how things will go through out the day. They will also tell you if you don't follow the rules then you will get a talking too and if it happens again they will end your day (and you won't get your money back).

They make 1st call for your group (10min) then 2nd call (5min) and then 3rd call (getting ready to roll the grid). Usually head to hot pit around 2nd call and then line up and wait for them to start rolling the grid.

They send you out 5-8 per control rider, for the first few laps things are at a slow pace. This is good it lets the heat build up in the tires, it gives you a chance to see where the run off's are and a chance to scope out the track. Lap by lap the pace increases, don't try to be Rossi or Spies. This is a chance to learn from expereinced ridres (CR's) you think you are fast WRONG they will make you faster.

Nothing worse then the first session out and someone wants to pass the whole group by the 3rd turn and take the chance of wrecking everyone. No better way to piss people off then do this.

Track days are all about fun, enjoying yourself, learning, becoming a better rider, meeting new people, and adrenalin.

Your session ends you come off the track and talk to the CR's to see what you did right and wrong. You go back to your pit and start to breathe again congrats you got 40 min till your next session.


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