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 Post subject: Mid-O 8/13
 Post Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:39 pm 
Major 'Ho
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Not my favorite Mid-O day of the year, but still had a fun day with Pat and Carl. The track was good, but not great. It was a little cooler day, and Mid-O likes the heat. They must have had cars on the track over the weekend because there was a ton of rubber on the track. The worst areas were turn #8 and #12. My bike never felt really planted in those 2 turns, even when the track warmed up. We’ve been spoiled by the hot, sunny, Mid-O days when the track comes in during the 1st or 2nd session. With the cooler, overcast weather the first 2 sessions were pretty slick. The sun came out and the 3rd session was pretty good. I put the Qstar on and ran a best lap of 1:41.0 in the 4th session, and then a 1:40.3 in the 5th. I only did 1 lap in the 6th session because it started to rain a bit. The rain stopped for the last session, but the temp had dropped a bit and the track had lost some grip. It seemed that my rear tire was moving around the whole day, struggling for grip while on the edge of the tire. I wasn’t alone as Pat and Carl were feeling the same.

I didn’t see Carl out on the track much, but Pat was riding really well. I would usually start out in front of him, try to stay in front as long as I could, he’d pass me, and tow me around. I felt like I could reel him in a bit from turn #1 to the Keyhole. He was getting really good drive out of the Keyhole, and we seemed to be pretty even down the back straight. I have been going back and forth between screaming 5th gear, or grabbing 6th on the back straight. I believe staying in 5th is quicker for me. I saw 171 MPH+ on the speedo and the Qstar is showing 149 MPH+. Pat was definitely much better than me on the brakes into #7. After following him there a number of times, I used him as a gauge, and pushed my brake marker back, but I couldn’t match how late he was on the brakes. As a result, there was no way I would pass him there. I seemed to be able to pull him back a bit in #8 - #10, he was better in #11, and got better drive on the exit. I could close up a bit into #12 and try to get back up to his rear wheel going into turn #1 to start it all over again. It was a lot of fun and I hope his video turns out!

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